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Co-production partner testimonials

Our co-production partners share their experiences of being involved in co-produced projects at Turn2us. 

On redesigning the Turn2us Benefits Calculator 

"I helped on the revamp of the Benefits Calculator 2 providing  co-producing team input . It was exhilaratingly creative being part of a wonderful project.” -  Robin

"I have been working with Turn2us for a long time and we started with benefit calculator. We changed the whole entire setup and we come up with the most easiest way to look what you are entitled to get from benefits. We made sure that at the words we have used for the benefit calculator should be easy to understand for all.  - Syeda


“I worked on the Turn2us Benefits Calculator project and in meetings with the other panel members would brainstorm ideas for improvements to the Calculator. Each meeting was well guided with tasks and exercises that made me feel both challenged and rewarded. I felt a sense of achievement as the project went along and I was able to see how our ideas were being used to make a better Benefits Calculator. It was very satisfying to see the finished result and I feel grateful to have been part of a such a valuable project”- Sally 


“Working on the Benefits Calculator was an eye opening experience for me. It was the best thing I have ever done in my career. I felt respected, listened to and my ideas were actually used, so in turn gave me confidence and showed me what my strengths are. It was amazing!” - Karen



On the Turn2us Grants Search application verification tool 

“Working on the demo application for a new, faster and more secure way to verify the financial situation for people applying for grants was so interesting because it allowed me to give my opinion on a slick and easy to use digital version of providing the required documents" - Aneita


On working on the impact and programmes group

"Working on the impact and programmes group gave me the confidence to apply for employment and I am now working for the first time in six years” - Nia 

On the Thriving project 

“I'm currently working on the project ‘Surviving not just Thriving’ as a person with a lived experience and this is something I have found to be very helpful as a learning opportunity and also as someone able to contribute to a working definition of what it is to thrive. This team work has enabled me to contribute at all stages with turn to us workers and the researchers  And together we have  enriched the theory of what it looks like to thrive” - Toni

Online collaboration 

“I took part in the Twitter takeover back in August 2020. I logged into Twitter as one of the Turn2us team to speak from my point of view on important topics surrounding benefits and stigma attached to them. I fully enjoyed speaking from such an accessible and widely effective platform to address people in need of support or just raise awareness”- Céilí 


“I have supported Turn2us by speaking at various online events. The audiences were donors that financially contribute on a personal and commercial basis to the charity. I found the experience really beneficial for my own personal development and I feel like I can pay something back to Turn2us after receiving support myself”- Faye


On co-production in general 

"My co-production work with Turn2us is important to me because it signifies diverse community teams practically helping to fight poverty in the UK. It is all about community - helping our community of individuals - and l am thrilled to be a contributor" - Erica 



"Being a co-production partner makes me feel a more valued member of the Turn2Us family. It enables me to use my experiences to help make a contribution to our work and hopefully be part of a process that makes a difference to the lives of our beneficiaries in ways that I couldn't have done as just a [volunteer] visitor. There are so much that needs doing to aid people struggling in poverty and it is wonderful to be part of an organisation that is doing such great work." - Val


"I think co-production is the chance to contribute to national change, to feel visible and to be productive, to leave a footprint in the world of enablement, empowerment and inclusion. Co-production is a way of being outward focused, of contributing to a very real sense of active purpose with an organisation that is at the heart of change, growth, enablement and positivity" - Toni 


"Finally, I have found an organisation that listens to and uses the observations of real experts; people like me who live with financial difficulties on a daily basis. Being a Turn2us Co-Production Partner means I can give back to the charity who gave to me when I needed it and help people to get what matters - non-judgemental practical help." - Patsy 




  1. Turning disaster into an opportunity to help many others 
  2. Turning defeat into  successful life help for countless others.  

By Robin 


Co production 
What is it to me? 
It is sharing... 
It is giving... 
It is taking ... 
It is returning... 
It is completion... 


By Dave


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