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Church Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses’ Benevolent Institution (CSSBI)

The charity supporting Christian teachers living in England and Wales who are in financial difficulties

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The Church Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses' Benevolent Institution (CSSBI) is a charity that aims to meet specific short-term needs caused by unforeseen circumstances or significant misfortune, in order to help Christian teachers re-establish themselves, and regain financial stability.

Grants are usually given to help with:

  • Home repairs or adaptations and essential alterations

  • Purchase of essential household equipment, clothing or food

  • Utility or Council Tax arrears, relocation or child care costs caused by unemployment, ill health, sudden change of circumstances, bereavement or personal injury

  • Travel costs in connection with study/retraining/hospital visits

  • Mobility equipment

  • Short-term shortfall in care home fees and respite care.

Who can apply?

The CSSBI provides financial support to Christian current and former teachers (including lecturers and teachers in training) and also supports their families, at times of real hardship.

Today, the CSSBI is actively looking for those individuals from all Christian denominations who would benefit from their support.

  • Are you a teacher or former teacher, a lecturer, or teacher in training?

  • Are you in genuine need - ‘necessitous’?

  • Do you live in England or Wales?

  • Are you a member of the Church of England  or of another recognised Christian denomination?

  • Are you able to provide the name and address of a referee to confirm your educational connections and a referee to confirm your church connection?

If the answer to ALL the above is YES, please complete an application form.

If you would like to discuss your application, please contact us.

Financial dependants

Please note that on the death of a Christian teacher, their financial dependants may be able to receive financial assistance from us.

Who we've helped

Testimonials from recipients of our awarded grants show the difference that we make to our grant recipients' lives. We have included two below:

“I am writing to thank you for the assistance you gave me recently. Your understanding of my circumstances and your decisive action went a long, long way to alleviate the burden occasioned by my wife’s illness. Your intervention was so crucial. I am glad to say that my wife is making encouraging progress in her recovery.  So much so I have been able to return to full time teaching.”

“Our thanks seem so insufficient for something that has had such a massive impact on our lives. It is hard for me to say how my illness has affected me over the last few years. I don’t think I had realised how down I had started to feel. How different the last few days have been. I think my wife summed it up perfectly this morning when she said to me, ‘You have smiled so much since the scooter arrived, it’s like having the real you back again’ so thank you with all our hearts”.

How to apply

An application form is available to download from our website:

By email:

Telephone: 01403 250798        

From our Registered Office: 3 Kings Court, Harwood Road, Horsham RH13 5UR

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