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The rising cost of living is squeezing the incomes of millions of people across the country, with many of us left making the impossible choice between heating our homes and feeding our families. This simply is not right. If you are affected by the rising living costs, worried about future rises, or want to stand in support of those impacted, make your voice heard and write to your MP now.

The more MPs that receive emails in their inbox, the better.

Even if you think your MP will not be receptive, it is still important to write to them - the more public pressure MPs receive, the better chance we have of making a change. 

We want to see 

  • benefit rates rising in line with inflation, to prevent a real-terms cut
  • cost-of-living protection measures focusing on the people most affected
  • permanent crisis support for local councils
  • an investment in the the adequacy of social security support

Write to your MP to demand action now. 

On benefits?

On benefits and struggling with the rising costs of living?

Make your voice heard and write to your MP now about the rising cost of living

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Not on benefits?

Not on benefits but worried about costs of living?

Write to your MP to protect families across the country from the rising costs of living

Write to your MP

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