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How many more 
single parents need to watch every penny so they can buy food for their children? 

125 years of tackling poverty.

About our campaign

The Turn2us story began in 1897, when Elizabeth Finn set out to help people struggling to make ends meet. The need for our services continues, with 14.5 million people in the UK – including 3.6 million children – still living in poverty today, despite us being one of the wealthiest economies in the world.  

This just isn’t right, which is why we have launched a new campaign to mark our 125 years of tackling poverty and to ask: how many more? 

How many more of us need to choose between eating or paying bills?  

How many more of us need to use credit to cover the basics?  

How many more of us will be plunged into financial insecurity or even poverty? 



Are you living in financial insecurity?

We offer a range of information and resources to help those of us who are struggling to get by. You can use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator to find out what welfare benefits and tax credits you could be entitled to, or learn if you might be eligible for support from over 1,500 grant funds via our Grants Search tool.

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Cost of living research

Our new research lays bare the impact of soaring living costs. Half of our service users (47%) report being left with nothing to live on each week after paying housing, council tax and utility bills.The same group reported weekly food costs of £75, leaving many pushed into debt just to put meals on the table. This figure rises to £93 per week for families with children, with 49% reporting to have nothing left to live on each week. 

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