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Help keep Edinburgh warm this winter. 


About our campaign

With Scottish winter on its way, the bleakest months are ahead of us. For people and families in poverty, this doesn’t just mean shorter daylight hours. It also means colder and longer dark nights - where heating or eating is a real choice many in Edinburgh will have to face, especially with the rising food costs and crippling energy prices experienced during this recent crisis.  

We believe that in 2022, no one in our city should have to choose between eating or heating - so Everyone’s Edinburgh and The Turn2us Edinburgh Trust have joined forces to launch a Keeping Edinburgh Warm Fund.  


How you can help 

We hope to encourage 1250 ‘EnerGenerous’ people & families to help us reach a target of £500k will enable us to make grants to over 600 Edinburgh families. . 

We’re asking, “do you need your £400 energy grant”? Are you able to use it to support families and individuals struggling financially this winter? 

If your answers are 'no' and 'yes', then we ask you to consider donating it to The Keeping Edinburgh Warm Fund. Donating your energy grant will improve lives in Edinburgh today, and we'll ensure every penny of it goes to people and families who really do need it this winter.  

Donate now 

Donate to help keep people warm this winter and improve lives across Edinburgh. 

Track this campaign

Follow campaign updates and track progress towards our fundraising target here. 

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Work with us

We are looking for partners in Edinburgh to deepen our impact. If you would like to talk to us further about this, please get in touch for an initial conversation.   

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About the partners 

Everyone’s Edinburgh is a movement of diverse people who want to engage people who live and work in Edinburgh to assume responsibility for creating the city they want to live in. They find and build cross sector collaborations which accelerate Edinburgh in becoming a better city for everyone to live in. 


The Edinburgh Trust is part of national poverty charity, Turn2us, and has over a decade of experience in giving direct financial support to people experiencing poverty in Edinburgh, with over 4,000 grant awards made. We work on a cash-first approach, with payments made directly to the applicant where possible, allowing them dignity and choice in how they manage their grant.