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Turn2us Charities User Guide - Replying to enquiries

Turn2us Guide to the Turn2us Grants Search and charities' account, aimed at charitable funds

Replying to enquiries

When you have read through the enquiry and are ready to respond, you can respond in two ways:

Choose the appropriate button at the bottom of the enquiry form.

Screengrab showing buttons for replaying to an enquiry

Respond online (through Turn2us)

If you choose 'Respond online', this means you will be sending a message to the enquirer online through Turn2us.

You will see a form that includes:

  • The name of the enquirer

  • A subject line

  • A 'select a status' drop-down menu

  • A text box to write your message to the enquirer.

Screengrab of Online Update Enquiry Status

Select the status from the drop-down menu. For more information, see the Update Enquiry Status section on this page.

If you select 'More info requested', you can include details of what you need in the message you send the enquirer.

Write your message to the enquirer and press the 'Send' button.

You will see a confirmation page with a link to take you back to your enquiry list.


The enquirer will receive a notification that you have messaged them.

You can see the messages you have sent and any that you receive in the Messages section of 'My Turn2us'.

Respond offline

If you click the 'Respond offline' button, this means you will respond to the enquirer by phone, letter or email outside of the Turn2us system. You will be taken to a page that asks you to update the status.

Update Enquiry Status

Screengrab showing Update Enquiry Status page

Select the correct status from the drop-down list:

Screengrab showing status dropdown menu

There are six options you can choose from:

  • Rejected the enquiry: The person is not eligible for your help.

  • More info requested: you are going to contact the enquirer because you cannot proceed without additional information. This would be by direct email, phone or letter but the status shows the stage you are at

  • Accepted the enquiry: All the information you require has been provided and you are going to make a decision next.

  • Grant given: You have approved and decided to award a grant. If you choose this option, the system will then provide you with a field to input the amount you have awarded

  • Grant not given: You have decided not to give a grant, even if the person meets your eligibility criteria. The form will provide you with the space to say why the grant was not awarded

  • Applicant did not respond: This will probably be after the “more information required” step and the enquirer has not responded to your attempts at contacting them.

Please note: you will need to scroll up or down on the side bar at the right of the options to see all six - not all of them are shown in the Screengrab above).

When you have chosen your option, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

Confirmation page

You will see a confirmation page with a link to take you back to your enquiry list.

Screengrab of confirmation page

Replying to enquiries from someone who does not have an email address

Sometimes you will get an enquiry from someone who does not have an email address. The 'contact email' fields on the form will be blank. (See Screengrab below). In many cases, this will be because one of our Turn2us helpline advisers has filled in the enquiry form on the person's behalf.

Screengrab of emplty contact email fields on the Turn2us Grants Search enquiry form

If the enquirer does not have an email address, there won't be a 'Reply to enquiry' button at the bottom. Instead you will see a message that advises you that they do not have email (See Screengrab below). There will however be a phone number and a postal address to contact the person.

Screengrab of message received when there is no email address

Updating the status of the enquiry later on

You can update the status of a record at any time by clicking on the update option against the relevant enquiry on the Enquiries page.

Screengrab enquiry list

This will show you all of the options on the drop-down box again and allow you to update the status.

If you originally chose 'Respond via MyTurn2us messages'  from the 'Response type' drop-down menu, you will need to change the option to 'Respond directly (outside MyTurn2us)' (see Screengrab 1 below) before clicking 'update' in the Status column. This is to make sure that you don't get the form that sends a message to the enquirer as well updating the status. The form you should see is shown in Screengrab 2 below.

Screengrab showing the 'Respond directly (outside MyTurn2us)' option


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