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Keep it safe and legal

To make sure that your fundraising goes without a hitch, check out our handy guide below on how to keep it safe and legal.

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If you’re holding an event in a public place, you must get permission first, either from the local authority or the property owner.

First aid

If you’re holding an event involving  lots of people, make sure that you have appropriate first aid support in place. You can get advice from St John Ambulance or the British Red Cross. As a basic guide, there should always be someone on hand to help for smaller events, but for larger events involving 500 people or more, there should be a minimum of two qualified first-aiders on site.


If your event involves the general public, it's important to have Public Liability Insurance in place. Often your venue will already have this, so make sure you check first. If you're holding an event at home or on private property, check your insurance covers this too.

Fundraising with food

To keep everyone safe, check the Food Standards Agency guidelines on preparing, handling, cooking and storing food.

Data protection

Only collect the information you need. Keep it safe, do not share it and only keep it for as long as you need. If you have any questions regarding your fundraising and the law, please call us on 020 8834 9271. We’ll be more than happy to help out.

Public collections and lotteries

If you are planning to hold such an event, please call our team first as you may need a license. You can call us on 020 8834 9271. 

Contact us

If you have anymore questions about your fundraising event then please get in touch. We’re here to help you with whatever you need:

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Reviewed: September 2022

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