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Challenging a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Decision - Tell your MP

You may be able to have a decision about Personal Independence Payment (PIP) changed.

Tell your MP

  • Your MP is your local Member of Parliament. Each MP represents the people in their local area, or constituency.

You can tell your MP about bad service or delays. You can also tell them if you think the PIP rules are unfair.

You may want to tell your MP if:

  • Claiming PIP has been a bad experience
  • The DWP is taking too long to deal with your complaint
  • You think the law should be changed because the rules are unfair.

If you tell your MP, you could:

  • Get an apology or an explanation
  • Get a decision made faster
  • Help get the law changed.

Contact your MP

You can contact your MP using the details on the Find your MP page of the Parliament website or you can contact them online using the They Work For You website

You will need to tell your MP:

  • Any reference number you have from the DWP for your claim or your complaint
  • Your full name, address and contact numbers
  • What happened, when it happened and how it affected you
  • What you want to happen to put things right

Reviewed: February 2022

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