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Turn2us national grant programmes

We are changing our Turn2us national grant programmes for the better.

Turn2us has two national grant programmes – the Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund and the Turn2us Response Fund.  

We are currently working with a range of community partners and people who have lived experience of financial insecurity to redesign these grant programmes. Our reasons for this redesign are:  

  • to make sure our grant programmes reach people who face multiple barriers to financial security.  
  • to deliver our grant programmes in a way that shares power, and retains people's dignity and agency.  
  • to build collaborative and accountable relationships with partner organisations.  
  • to achieve positive impact for people facing financial shocks.  

You can find out more about each grant programme, and what we are doing to improve them, below. 

Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund  

The Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund has brought financial support to people who need it for over 125 years. The fund is currently closed to new applicants. 

This year, we are redesigning this grant programme to make sure it is designed to reach people most impacted by financial insecurity. 

Turn2us Response Fund  

The Turn2us Response Fund is for people who have recently experienced a financial shock or income loss. To receive this fund, a partner organisation will apply to us on behalf of someone they are directly working with. The Turn2us Response Fund is not open for direct applications.  

To make sure the Turn2us Response Fund reaches the people who need it most, we are working with partner organisations to redesign this grant programme. This is so that we can collaborate with them to deliver help where it is most needed in the most effective way.  

During this time we are also continuing to provide emergency grant support through existing partners to people most impacted by the increase in the cost of living. 

What to do next

Visit our Benefits Calculator.

Regardless of whether you are claiming benefits or not, check to see if you are receiving all that you are entitled to. 

Use our Grants Search.

We have a list of charitable grants available across the UK. Use our grants search to find one that meets your needs.  

Call our helpline.

It’s open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Contact us by phone to get support and information if you find it difficult to go online.   

Check back here regularly.

We will provide more information about the Elizabeth Finn Fund and the Turn2us Response Fund once we have redesigned them.