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Getting Into Work - UK and Multiple Nation Wide Schemes

Looking for work or working? See what help may be available to you through national and local employment services and schemes.

UK and Multiple Nation Wide Schemes

Finding a job and employment advice

The following websites contain information, advice and resources on employment, finding a job and improving your skills:

Help to get into Work - Jobcentre Schemes (UK Wide)

The Flexible Support Fund, available across the UK through your local Jobcentre/Jobs and Benefits Office advisor or work coach, may be able to help you with extra costs associated with getting into and starting work. It is a discretionary scheme so you don't have a right to it, even if you quality. Any financial help will be given as a grant so you won't have to pay it back.

Flexible Support Fund (FSF)

The Flexible Support Fund (FSF) is a fund offered by local jobcentres at the discretion of Jobcentre Plus advisers.

The aim of the fund is to help people claiming unemployment benefits to find a job.

Who can get the Flexible Support Fund?

The FSF is discretionary and you do not have an automatic right to it if you qualify. It depends on your local Jobcentre Plus adviser.

It is available to anyone who receives help from the jobcentre and is claiming a qualifying benefit:

The FSF can also support anyone eligible for Work Preparation Support, such as lone parents, partners and carers.

Advisers may also be able to use the FSF to support other unemployed people they are working with in certain circumstances.

In Northern Ireland, it is known as the Adviser Discretionary Fund and has slightly different rules. Speak to your work coach to find out about it.

What costs can it help with?

The FSF aims to help with extra costs associated with finding a job, such as: 

  • Travel expenses to attend an interview

  • Tools and clothing/uniforms to start work

There is no set amount of money you can be given.  It depends on your situation, circumstances and needs.

The FSF is unlikely to fund anything you have already paid for.

Childcare costs

If you are claiming Universal Credit, you may also be able to get help with the first month of childcare costs from the FSF. See Help with Childcare Costs when Starting Work or Looking for Work.

If you live in England, Scotland or Wales, make sure you save up to pay the second months as you won’t get Universal Credit to cover the first month’s and will need to pay the second month's childcare costs before you get any help through Universal Credit to cover them. If you live in Northern Ireland, you can get help[ through the Advisor Discretion Fund with your first month's childcare costs and still reclaim the costs from your Universal Credit. 

How do I apply for help from the Flexible Support Fund?

Ask your local Jobcentre Plus/Jobs and Benefits adviser how you apply.

You will need to tell them what you need the money for and give evidence that you cannot pay for the items yourself.

Job Entry Targeted Support (England, Scotland, Wales)

Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) is an employment programme, delivered by Jobcentre Plus partner organisations. It’s for people who have been out of work and claiming either Universal Credit or New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance for at least 13 weeks.

The support might include specialist advice on how you can move into growing sectors, advice on building your CV, and interview coaching.

If your jobcentre work coach agrees that JETS is right for you, they will refer you to the JETS programme.

Contact your local Jobcentre Plus Office/Jobs and Benefits Office

England, Scotland, Wales: Find your local Jobcentre Plus office

Northern Ireland: FInd your local Jobs & Benefits office


Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. Almost anyone over the age of 16 can apply for an apprenticeship to build a new career.

For general information, see Gov.UK: Become an Apprentice

Read our guide to Apprenticeships and Benefits

Young People

The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust is a UK charity that helps young people aged between 11-30 years, whatever their background, to achieve their potential by offering free courses, grants and mentoring opportunities to inspire them to build their confidence, find jobs, start a career or develop a business idea.

Older People

Gov.UK: Help and Support for Older Workers

Armed Forces Service Leavers and Veterans

Some Armed Forces charities offer employment support. See Help from Charitable Funds for more information.

See also Your Situation: Armed Forces personnel and veterans


Check what benefits you may be able to claim while looking for work and when you are in work.

You can use our Benefits Calculator to check your entitlement.

Depending on your situation, you may also find the following Your Situation sections useful:


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